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Video Security

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Worry-Free Protection

Eliminate advanced threats, web threats, and malicious software.

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Connectivity as a Service (CaaS)

Automatic Backup Internet Connectivity Using 4G Technology.

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We're On Your Team

Our clients considers us as their technical partner. Working towards both of our success.

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Track Suspected Activities

Keeping your valuable assets on the premises safe with video security surveillance has proven to be an immense advantage for businesses.

Having a digital record of your company premises has proven to businesses as their best protection against theft, fraudulent activities, and much more.

Help Avoid Legal Claims and Fraud

Centric Technologies LLC is more than vested with the right technical tools and skills to protect your business from all disasters that result from poor IT Infrastructure and controls.

By implementing the latest technology devices, equipment, tools, and software, your need to empower and protect your assets, products, and resources is achieved with a satisfactory finish.

We do not and will never cease to give in our best to maintain a firm grip on your assets and premises’ video security surveillance.
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Video Security for Business

Video Security goes beyond curating evidence against crime. But helps you see and monitor the preferences of customers, reduce utility bills, and make better business decisions based on the data you get from monitoring your customer’s activities inside your business.

With video security, you can know what part of your products and services your customers are more drawn to. Video Security is not just about dealing with fraudulent activities and Criminal acts, it’s equally your best way of knowing how effective and responsive the relationship between you and your customers is.

With Centric Technologies LLC, your video security is at its base functions without flaws or glitches.

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