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Connectivity Services

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Worry-Free Protection

Eliminate advanced threats, web threats, and malicious software.

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Connectivity as a Service (CaaS)

Automatic Backup Internet Connectivity Using 4G Technology.

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We're On Your Team

Our clients considers us as their technical partner. Working towards both of our success.

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Say Goodbye To Internet Downtime

Did You Know? For most businesses, just two hours of downtime can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


As core business services have moved to the cloud, the need for 100% connection uptime is critical. When connectivity fails, customers get upset, and you lose revenue. Although most businesses today have a plan for dealing with emergencies when Internet access fails, business and reputations are often lost when connectivity failures occur.


Relying on one direct connection network could prove very disastrous to your business and your customers’ satisfaction, which is why having connectivity services to back your operation up is key to a smooth business without glitches and bumps.


Internet connection failover ensures critical help for your business operations and customers. Your number one back up engine to maintain strong efficiency at all times.

Keep Your Business Up, Even When The Internet Goes Down

The Internet has revolutionized businesses of all types sizes. From empowering street vendors to accept credit card payments to enabling video streaming while flying around the world — we now expect to be
connected and stay connected all the time.


In Restaurants & Retail

Customers expect to use credit/debit cards and frequently don’t carry cash.

In business

Employees need critical business services, which have now moved to the cloud.
• In government

The public expects to receive service with little tolerance for interruption.
In medicine — connectivity is required for essential services, and the cost of downtime is often thousands of dollars per hour.

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What Internet Downtime Costs

Over half of companies report negative impacts to their reputation and millions of dollars in lost revenue annually due to Internet outages. Lost customers, halted business transactions, and loss of employee productivity are among many negative results caused by Internet outages.

Centric Technologies has successfully mitigated these effects by providing backup connections for retail, convenience stores, restaurants, healthcare, government, and multi-location businesses. By providing a highly reliable backup connection, you can continue to process customer transactions, send regular business communications, and access critical business applications while saving thousands per month in costly outages.

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